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HC IIIX Hercules Tres Iqus
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15th-May-2010 10:44 pm - HMD // Concrit
Troubled roads ahead
You know the drill! Let me know what I'm doing wrong or right!

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9th-Jan-2010 08:36 pm(no subject)
Troubled roads ahead
JOURNAL: prof_ryoki
EMAIL: luthiena_the_potato_queen@yahoo.co.uk
AIM: luthienabler
WIKI NAME: prof_ryoki
CHARACTERS: Ukitake Jyuushiro and Kuchiki Byakuya

FANDOM: Trinity Blood
CANON: During the search for the ‘Lady Saint’
WHAT THEY LOST: His guns. Tres’ guns are very important to him, even providing the basis for his codename of ‘Gunslinger’.

PERSONALITY: Father HC IIIX Tres Iqus is one of ten "Killing Doll" mechanical soldiers created by Vatican scientist Professor Gepetto Garibaldi, and because of his cyborg status he does not seem to possess any more emotion than a machine would be expected to. However, he does have a human brain stem, and has been seen to make decisions that could be deemed as illogical on a few occasions – the most notably when he declares he is ‘out of bullets’ instead of fulfilling his orders to kill, and then showing he is certainly not when he shoots an enemy a few moments later.

Aside from these extremely rare minor displays, Tres is in all ways a perfect machine. He will follow orders with a precision no human could attain, and his actions are always irrefutably logical. He does not follow the usual human pattern of tact, and will bluntly speak of things other people may use euphemism for.

The main drive behind Tres is his boss, or owner, Caterina Sforza. She came to him when he was near-destroyed and offered him a position working for her in the AX. He refused, but agreed to become her possession instead. He is almost obsessively protective over her, and when his missions send him into the field away from where he can guard her, it has been noted he seems anxious to return to Rome and her side.

His loyalty to her is absolute, as shown in a fight he engages in with the only other Killing Doll to survive (IIX) he replies to the statement ‘You are only a machine’ with the words ‘Negative. I am the Duchess of Milan’s machine.’

THIRD-PERSON WRITING SAMPLE: If a machine could be said to be unhappy, then Tres Iqus was a distinctly unhappy machine. The moment he had arrived in this castle, he had run diagnostics to determine his location, as well as activate his internal tracking and GPS to pinpoint how far he was from the Vatican.

None worked. He must be severely malfunctioning to not be able to tell where he was or how to return to Rome, an internal memo was filed and flagged as high importance to speak to Father William Wordsworth once he returned for repairs.

It took 0.54 seconds to run through all potential logical reasons for his relocation to an unknown place, and whittle them down to the most probable. There was to be an assassination attempt on the Duchess of Milan, and her bodyguards were being scattered. A hand went immediately towards his gun holster, lips already forming the flat words: ‘Battle system: Initiated’ when his fingers met thin air instead of the metallic butt of a gun.


The situation had now moved into urgent, and there was no more time to wait in idle speculation (of which he had already wasted 0.76 seconds), he must find where he was and who was responsible. Opening the door to his room, mismatched eyes processed the small plaque bearing his name and serial number, filing the information for future reference as he set off through the hallways.

"This is HC IIIX Tres Iqus, codename “Gunslinger”, requesting a geographical location immediately."

FIRST-PERSON WRITING SAMPLE: [This was no longer the Vatican, the architectural style not even speaking of Rome any longer.]

Requesting communication with Sister Kate Scott.

[He waited for 3.5 seconds for a reply, receiving nothing. If he was out of range of Sister Kate’s transmissions then he had certainly been transported far from where he should be. The first course of action, therefore, would be to put out a transmission open to all AX operatives and make contact with the nearest.]

This is HC IIIX Tres Iqus, codename "Gunslinger". Requesting contact from AX operatives.
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